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By Vicky Sama

The new pump track at the Tolkan Campground rides like a well-oiled roller coaster. The track is the newest edition to the 14-mile Paradise Royale loop  in the King Range National Conservation Area near Shelter Cove, Calif.

The pump track is split into three routes: blue, black and double black diamond. All provide thrills on swooping berms, tabletops and jumps. For those who want to go higher, there’s a wooden launch at the bottom of the most advanced route. The tracks were built so close together, riders starting at the same time might feel like they’re doing a BMX-style triple-cross.

The easiest way to find the start of the pump track is to drive your car to the Tolkan Campground (a daily fee is required). But if you park at the Paradise Royale trailhead (which is free) and ride to the pump track, it can be confusing to get around and continue on the 14-mile loop. So, here are a few tips:

If you start from the PR trailhead, you’ll ride about a mile and suddenly dump out of the singletrack. At that point, you’ll see a small sign for the Tolkan Campground. Make a sharp right down the switchbacks and you’ll eventually start climbing up the blue downhill trail, which is the easiest of the three trails to climb. Keep an eye out for riders coming downhill! When you reach the top of the blue trail, make a right, which takes you toward Prince of Pain and Mad Queen Tango.

Another option is to dump out of the singletrack, make a sharp left and ride the road up to the Tolkan Campground. This will allow you to bypass all of the downhill trails and get to the top of the pump track or connect to the PR loop on the other side.

Eventually, a bypass trail will be built so that riders can get around the pump track without climbing it. Some of the berms and tabletops are hard to ascend because they’re not built for climbing.

Again, if you ride up the pump track, keep your eyes peeled for riders coming down.


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