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Forks of Salmon Century

Bigfoot Bicycle Club’s Forks of Salmon Century ride draws near. This is a challenging ride overall, with mileage and elevation similar to the TUC. But that’s where it stops. There is significantly less motor traffic, the pavement is spectacularly smooth, the most challenging climb, up to Etna Summit, is in the first thirty or so miles, there is a brewery in Etna if you’re so inclined to stop there for lunch, and my favorite part, the 25 mile descent back to Forks of Salmon.

We have a SAG wagon so you don’t have to carry anything more than you feel like. We’ll have water, but bring your own food and any other beverages you may want to drink.
There will be some slower riders who may take up to ten hours or more to finish this. The SAG wagon will be there for the more leisurely inclined riders as much as those who may want to hammer through it in five hours.  The key is to ride at your own pace, and enjoy the ride.
You must be a member of Bigfoot Bicycle Club to participate. If you’re not yet a member, this is a good time to join. The member roster for RCMBA will be finalized from Bigfoot’s in just a few days. Once the changeover is complete, membership fees will go up,  but more on that later.
There is camping at a private campground in Somes Bar. Those of us camping there are having a potluck on Saturday evening. You are all welcome to join us, but we would like an RSVP.
If you’re not camping, meet us at the Forks of Salmon Post Office Sunday morning June 8, 2014. Be ready to leave almost promptly at eight a.m.
You can RSVP by sending me an e-mail at twowheelintim@gmail.com or calling 707-668-1716. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
See you on the road and on the trails.
Tim Daniels

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Due to lack of response, Lacks Creek Trail work has been canceled Sunday, May 24, 2014.

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Attention Fellow Cyclists and Trail Enthusiasts!

Lacks Creek trail work day Sunday, May 25, 2014. We’re working on multi-use trails on the east ridge, and looking for a half dozen or so people to help. If you have tools (McLeodsPulaskis etc,) bring them. For details and directions please contact me via e-mail: twowheelintim@gmail.com, or call me at 707-668-1716.

And though we’ve already forwarded this one a couple times, here is a reminder, copied and pasted from an e-mail from Humboldt Trails Council


Saturday, May 24, 9 a.m.

We will begin as usual at 9 a.m. and meet at the upper Fickle Hill Road parking area (where Trail #9 begins). We will be working on Trail #7 in the upper portion of the Forest doing some basic maintenance on the water bars, bridge, and moving some logs into position to help reinforce an eroding section of trail. From the parking area we will carpool into an area closer to Trail #7 (otherwise it would be a good half hour walk each way). Let me know if you need more specific directions.

I realize that the 24th is the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend and at noon the Kinetic Sculpture Race will begin in downtown Arcata. Certainly it will be possible to leave early.

There will also be a National Trails Day event on Saturday, June 7th . . . when work will be focused on the Beith Creek Loop in the Sunny Brae Forest.  On our June 28th work day, we too will be working to complete the Beith Creek Loop in the hopes that it will be open later this summer.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and assistance. It has and continues to make a huge difference.
  –  Rees Hughes

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