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Bigfoot Honors one of its Own

By Vicky Sama

If you love riding the Tish Tang mountain bike trail in Willow Creek, you should know that there is one man who put hours and hours of work into the rebirth of the classic trail. His name: Tom Phillips. On Sunday, Sept. 26, the Bigfoot Bicycle Club honored Tom with a Golden Pulaski, to commemorate his passion and dedication to the Tish Tang. John Dostal created the award and made the presentation during the post-ride BBQ. Good ride. Good food. Good peeps. Thanks, Tom.


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View from the Tish Tang trail.

Load up your mountain bike and a side dish for the Bigfoot Bicycle Club’s ride and BBQ at Tish Tang in Willow Creek, on Sunday, Sept. 26. The ride starts at 10:00 a.m. and the BBQ is immediately afterward. Please bring a side dish to share with other hungry mouths.

Mike Butler will lead the ride on the short loop. Tom Phillips will be head honcho on the longer version, which will take you up to the new Ridge Trail. Haven’t been to Tish Tang yet? Then this is the perfect day to go!

Need a ride? Join the club’s listserve to find a carpool. And get ready to Tang-O!

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Tish Tang Trail Review

By Vicky Sama

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The Tish Tang is in full swing, thanks to Bigfoot’s Tom Phillips and a host of volunteers who have cleared and improved this old, renegade mountain bike trail outside of Willow Creek.

The trail starts at the Horse Linto Campground and climbs up the jeep road for about five miles to about 3,000 feet. At about an hour up the road, you’ll see a wide open intersection; take a left to find the top of the Tish Tang. The downhill is all singletrack separated in three sections by the jeep road. The first section is known as the Shale Trail, which flows over the rocks before winding tightly through the trees.

The second section is known as Roller, and like it’s name, the singletrack traverses and rolls gently along the hillside with beautiful views of mountain ridges. This is the section where XC riders can really get speed.

The third section (closest to the campground) is known as Downhill, and is perfect for shuttling big travel bikes. This section is a bit crazy for XC bikes. Take it easy on your first visit and learn the lines so that you don’t get stuck in a rut. The Downhill is not for the faint of heart. The start of this trail is narrow on a steep off-camber hillside that can take your breath away. Don’t look down. This section is packed with twists, berms and jumps and should be even better after a few rainy days in the fall.

The Tish Tang is a bit rugged and at times the berry bushes can scrape up your arms. Wear long sleeves and slather on the bug glorp to keep the skeeters away. The trail is more appropriate for moderately experienced to advanced riders, but beginners can easily dump out of the singletrack onto the jeep road at several points on the descent.

At the end of the ride, take a dip in the cool creek at the campground, but look out for Poison Oak.

And more is coming soon. A new downhill section known as the Ridge Trail is in the works (see photos).

If you’re lucky, when you get to the Tish Tang you’ll bump into Tom and he’ll give you the red carpet ride tour.

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Pirates on Tish Tang

This is a five-star video of the Tish Tang.

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Camp and Ride at Tish Tang

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Bigfoot’s Tom Phillips is looking for volunteers to help improve the Tish Tang mountain bike trail in Willow Creek on Sunday. The plan is to build a new trail and clear an old one. Bring your work gloves and bike. Tom will bring the tools. Meet at Wildberries in Arcata at 7:30 a.m. or the Tish Tang parking lot at 8:30 a.m. Ride afterward.

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Helmetcam video of Shale Trail at Tish Tang, from this past weekend. Mike and Justin are the models, the camera is on my noggin. I should either look further down the trail (always a good idea), or mount the camera a little higher. Sorry…still think it’s some good footage. Enjoy! Roller and DH trail video still to come.  Big thanks to Chris Schinke for use of the cam and editing services.


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