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By Vicky Sama

The new pumptrack at the Paradise Royale Trail is in awesome condition after a few days of rain. The XC course is perfectly tacky and the slalom jumps are firm, not slippery. Put the Paradise Royale on your list of to-do rides this month.

Here’s a peek at what it was like this weekend:

The Paradise Royale Trail is in the King Range National Conservation Area near Shelter Cove, Calif. The pumptrack was finished being built in September.


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Volunteers help finish sections of Phase 3 of the Paradise Royale trail. Photo courtesy of Morgan Lommele.

By Vicky Sama

Bigfoot Bicycle Club volunteers got a sneak peak at Phase 3 of the Paradise Royale trail on Oct. 9 when they attended a free tail building workshop. The International Mountain Bicycling Association’s Trail Care Crew– the dynamic duo of Morgan and Steve Lommele– showed attendees how to work on the steep slopes without getting hurt.

Phase 3 of Paradise Royale has spectacular ocean views. When it’s done next year, the new eight-mile trail will connect with the already completed 17-mile Paradise Royale loop, which is located in the King Range National Conservation Area near Shelter Cove, Calif.

Click here for more photos from the workshop.

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Top row left to right: Shane Brinton, Sean Tetrault, Joey Klein, Kirk Cohune, Steve and Morgan Lommele. Bottom row: Tom Phillips, Kevin Wright, Chris Johnston, Rocky Brashear, Vicky Sama.

By Vicky Sama

What do you think about a bike park in the Arcata Community Forest? That’s the dream that inspired Thursday’s meeting at Arcata City Hall and a field trip to Redwood Park.

Joey Klein, master trail designer for the International Mountain Bicycling Association, delivered a presentation about bike trails and parks to Arcata City Council members Alex Stillman, Mark Wheetley and Shane Brinton and to Environmental Services Director Mark Andre at city hall. Eureka politicians were there too. Several members of the cycling community, including members of Bigfoot Bicycle Club, Green Wheels, Revolution Bicycle Repair and Adventure’s Edge bike shop, among others, also attended the presentation and later walked around the forest looking for a potential bike park location.

Klein talked about the different types of trails and economic benefits that trails can bring to the community. He said that mountain biking generates $26 billion to the U.S. economy, and that one in five Americans 16-years and older ride a mountain bike.

IMBA’s Trail Care Crew Steve and Morgan Lommele, who were at the presentation and field trip, said they were impressed with the forest and excited to see strong support for a bike park in town. The Lommeles are heading a free trail building workshop in the King Range National Conservation Area at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. Trail lovers are invited to to participate and get a sneak peak at Phase 3 of the Paradise Royale mountain bike trail– Humboldt County’s gem trail.

Klein has been working for the past two months on Phase 3 with land managers, volunteers, trail crews and dozens of other community members. Phase 3 has some of the best, rare ocean views of any trails in the country, according to Klein. He says the Paradise Royale is one of his favorite mountain bike trails anywhere. And he should know; He travels the world designing and building mountain bike trails. After his valuable and much appreciated work in Humboldt County, Klein departs soon for his next gig in South Dakota. We can’t wait to have him back next year!

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Cyclists and Nature Lovers Celebrate Trails and Conservation

By Vicky Sama

It was a great day for mountain biking in Humboldt County. The Bureau of Land Management, International Mountain Bicycling Association, California Conservation Corps, Bigfoot Bicycle Club, HSU Cycling Club and dozens of volunteers, friends and family came to Shelter Cove, Calif. on Sept., 11, 2010, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the creation of the King Range National Conservation Area. Volunteers finished a new trail in the Tolkan Campgound Pumptrack, which is part of the popular Paradise Royale Trail. They worked from 10 o’clock in the morning until three and then rode the trail like rock stars.

Thanks to Jason Barnes Photography for permission to use these photos from the trail work and ride.

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King Range Carnage

By Tim Daniels

I know it has been said, but I want to say thank you again to all who came out to support Bigfoot Bicycle Club’s efforts on Paradise Royale Mountain Bike Trails. It’s days like those that make me proud to say I’m a mountain biker.

The real reason I’m writing today is to extend special thanks to those who pitched in to help when I needed it the most over the course of the weekend. As many of you know, I crashed my bike hard in the ride park and was moving very slowly and painfully in the afternoon. Cathy and Jim Haagen-Smit came to my rescue with BBQ preparations. Without their help, things would have been much more difficult.

Later that evening, as we were on our way out, a leaf spring on my trailer failed on King Peak Road. Justin Graves, and Andrea Toogood came to my rescue; they each loaded one of the bicycles from my trailer into their vehicles even though they too had a full load of riders and bikes.

On Sunday, Shaun Summa, Nick Lohse, and Jim and Cathy Haagen-Smit were all instrumental in the retrieval of the broken trailer. It’s a long story and best told in person, but needless to say, without their help, the weekend would have been much more trying.

Justin, Andrea, Shaun, Nick, Jim, and Cathy are all my heroes for the weekend, not to mention all who came and cut trail and rode with us. It’s your participation that made it a special weekend. Thank you ALL very much.


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Thanks to all our volunteers who came out to build trail and ride the Paradise Royale for the King Range Conservation Area 40th Anniversary.

Proud work crew on the top of the world.

More photos and video of the big day to come soon!

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LATEST UPDATE ON KING RANGE ANNIVERSARY EVENTS: Folks heading to King Range on Saturday, Sept. 11 should be at the Tolkan Campground no later than 10:00 a.m. Trail work begins at 10 followed by a pro downhill demonstration and mountain bike ride.

Note the BLM flyer and website have not yet posted the new times. So you’re getting the latest here!

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