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Look for the powerline and you won't be far from the newest trail in the Arcata Community Forest.

Access point at the top of the new trail (left). Trail 8 is seen on the right.

The new Powerline trail starts and ends on Trail 8. If you want to ride it downhill, take Trail 9 to Trail 8 intersection (make a right) and about 1/4 mile up, you’ll see the above Powerline trail entrance on your left. To ride the new Powerline trail uphill, take Trail 14 past the old reservoir. Turn left at the first jeep road, which is the bottom entrance of the new trail.

Horses are already enjoying the Powerline.


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New Arcata Community Forest Trail Ready for Ridin’

By Vicky Sama

Trail 6 extension, a/k/a The Powerline

The Powerline Trail is done! City employee Darius Damonte pulled the Trail Closed sign on Wednesday. He made the final cut on the tread connecting it to Road 8, and by mid-afternoon, there were already a couple of fresh tracks.

Bigfoot Bicycle Club has been working several days on the trail, thanks to all of our club volunteers.

A special thanks goes to Rocky Brashear for his diligence and continuing work with the city. Thanks also to the city crew who so enthusiastically embraces our participation and work in the Arcata Community Forest. There is more to come.
Now, go ride and love it!

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