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By Vicky Sama

Thanks to our trail day volunteers– Rocky Brashear, Jake Thorpe, Kevin Wright, my hubby Paul Tolme, and of course, Moose– the newest trail in the Arcata Community Forest will be ready to ride in just a few weeks! Yes!

Trail’s almost done!


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It’s been a challenge to get some Arcata Community Forest trail work organized with the wet weather and the city crew’s schedule changes. So without further ado, we’re planning on meeting THURSDAY, June 10, 2010 at the intersection of 14th and Union Streets in Arcata at 5:30 p.m. From there we’ll hike and ride up to the worksite and put in an hour or two (or more if we’re feeling it).

We’ll provide some “refreshments” afterward.

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Video by Vicky Sama

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Trail Day at the King Range National Conservation Area near Shelter Cove, Calif.

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Gary Pritchard-Peterson, David LeFevre, Errin Odell, Tyce Fraser, Ansel Walter, Justin Graves, Jim Robbins, Vicky Sama, Chris Clutton, (kneeling): Phil Lezcano, Tim Kohberger, Tim Daniels and Zia (shutterman: Pat Grace)

Thirteen volunteers worked five hours on Saturday building the new extension trail to the Paradise Royale in the King Range National Conservation Area. The new trail will eventually be about nine miles, and volunteers helped built a small but essential part of that trail that included a delicate stream crossing. The hard part was removing the Laurel tree stumps that are prolific on the hillside. After pulling out the stumps, we¬† built retaining walls using large rocks and filled in big holes. There was a lot of heavy lifting and chopping out thick roots to make sure the trees don’t grow back in the center of the trail. The dirt is lush and dark and makes the finished trail feel oh-so-comfy underfoot. It’ll take about 90 more work days to finish the trail– and we can’t wait to ride it! For now, you can ride the completed Paradise Royale 14-mile loop. It’s in incredible shape– no dust following several weeks of rain.

After trail building, Gary Pritchard-Peterson and David LeFevre from the BLM treated volunteers to BBQ and beer. Thanks to all our Bigfoot Bicycle Club volunteers and the BLM for treating us right!

Trail work will continue through summer. If you would like to help build the trail, contact the Bureau of Land Management King Range office in Shelter Cove at (707) 986-5400.

Trail builder Judd DeVail and his crew will be working this week (starting June 7) on the new pump track at the Tolkan Campground just past the Paradise Royale trailhead. Again, if you’d like to volunteer, contact the BLM’s King Range office.

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Trail Work Volunteers:

Trail Day at the Paradise Royale trail in King Range is on! Gary Pritchard-Peterson at the BLM office in the King Range says the rain is past and the ground is wet, but the work will proceed this weekend. Bring good boots and gloves. Pack a lunch, snacks and water. We’ll be working in a section of the trail called the Rabbit Hole. Vicky Sama did a story on this area of trail last year that you can watch here: http://singletrack.competitor.com/2009/10/features/trail-travails-getting-sweet-singletrack-on-the-ground_4016

See previous blog post for more directions.

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Don’t forget, June 5, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. we will kick off Bigfoot Bicycle Club’s Work, Camp and Ride weekend.

We’ll meet at the intersection of Shelter Cove Road and Paradise Ridge Road near Shelter Cove, or meet us in Tolkan Campground before 9:30 a.m. and we’ll shuttle to the work site meeting place.

A van will be leaving McKinleyville on Friday (time depending) with room for three other riders, bikes and camping gear. We’ll return Sunday afternoon. To catch a ride in the van, contact Tim at 707-840-9032.

Saturday after trail work, there will be a hosted BBQ, hot showers, free camping, and raffle gifts for all trail workers. Sunday morning (not too early) we’ll ride. Join us for a fun filled weekend in King Range National Conservation Area.

P.S. If building trails doesn’t sound like fun, maybe it’s because you haven’t tried it yet. There’s no feeling like railing a berm, slicing through a switchback, or skirting a precipitous ledge that you helped construct. It’s just a different flavor of playing in the dirt.


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