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Clamterium II Results

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By Vicky Sama

Greg Willard put the hammer down on the second of three laps passing Paul Tolme and Justin Graves to win Clamterium II on Wednesday. Tolme took the initial lead, attacking from the starting gun. Matt Drange followed in pursuit, and it seemed like the two singlespeed demons were going to hold off the rest of the field. But Graves went into the red zone, and by the time he hit the highway underpass, he cruised past Drange and caught Tolme. Now, Graves and Tolme worked together–blazing through the trees like Japan’s latest supertrain.

In the meantime, super chicken Evan Gibbs flapped his wings to try and catch Drange. But apparently, Gibbs’ goose was cooked. Hayley Umayam, who arrived late, started at the back with technical difficulties (foggy eyeglasses),  then distracted the other riders in her out-of-focus floral organza and moved up to mid-field.

Back at the front, Willard got serious. He may have held off early in the race, but by lap two, he was hungry for victory. (Tasting the grit from the wet road may have had something to do with his appetite.) Willard successfully attacked Tolme and Graves on Clam Beach Road. The spitting rain off Willard’s rear wheel was too much to handle for Tolme and Graves. Tolme’s yellow tinted sunglasses blew off his head. Graves was gasping for air and grabbing for a tow. He latched onto Willard’s rear book rack, but Willard shooed him off. The wheel grit was heavier now, and Graves and Tolme couldn’t see where they were going and may have made a wrong turn onto the beach. Whatever the reason, they lost time. Williard disappeared into the jungle. Tolme gained a little time on Graves for second place. Graves crossed the finish line in a respectable third while pulling one impressive cruiser wheelie. And for winning, Williard went home with a can of clam chowder.

Despite the drizzle, slippery singletrack covered in slug slime, foggy glasses and a chicken head too big to clear low-lying branches, there were no flats or crashes in the second running of the Clamterium.

Clamterium 2 Results (June 9, 2010)

1. Greg Willard (on heavy hauler)

2. Paul Tolme (euro style on a carbon drive singlespeed)

3. Justin Graves (blasting on his wide-wheel cruiser)

4. Matt Drange (singlespeed-by-night, journalist-by-day)

5. Evan Gibbs (loaded up with extra pounds of cluck and feathers)

6. Hayley Umayam (hippy chick road wheenie)

7. Kira Descheaux (cruisin’ with a brusin’)

8. Melanie Barnett (one-handed with brewskies on lil’ sis’s mt. bike)

Oddball Prime Prizes

Fastest Flower Child: Hayley Umayam

Best Rider Kit: Evan “the chicken” Gibbs

Singlespeed: Paul Tolme

Cruiser: Justin Graves

Singlespeed Cruiser: Kira Descheaux

MTB: Melanie Barnett


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Get ready to jam the Clam! Clamterium #2 will be at 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, June 9 at Crannell Rd. and Highway 101. If you haven’t been to a Clamterium, it’s a klunker crit near Clam Beach– unsanctioned, unofficial and unbelievable fun. As always, winner gets a can of clam chowder. Prime prizes will be awarded in various oddball categories. Come race or heckle riders. See you there.

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Clamterium #1 Pics

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Clamterium #1 Results

Clamterium Champion Sam O'Dell

First King of the Clam
Congratulations to Sam O’Dell the winner of the first-ever Clamterium! As Clam Champ, Sam won a can of New England Clam Chowder. About 20 people showed up at the start and 12 finished. All agreed there should be more Clamteriums, so we’ll do another one in June.

Here are the results of the May 12 triple-lap event:

Clamterium Finishers
1rst Sam O’Dell (sportin’ fresh scars from a weekend ride)
2nd Greg Willard (riding his long haul trucker with fully-packed panniers)
3rd Scott Riley (on his road sled)
4th Mike Butler (in colorful orange jersey you couldn’t miss)
5th Jorge Ramirez (in his dressy white shorts on a MTB)
6th Kevin Cage (riding his shiny blue road bike)
7th Justin Graves (riding singlespeed beach cruiser with 2.5 beefy tires)
8th Joe Mello (riding his Giant road bike that he almost ran over with his truck)
9th Katrina Wright (on road)
10th Tim Daniels (on his black beach cruiser with fully loaded BOB in tow)
11th Adam Holt (in his Alaskan hunter’s cap)
12th Matt Drange (on a Motobecane-look-a-like singlespeed)

Prime Prize Awards
Heavy Bike Prime: Greg Willard- who finished 8th in the 100-mile Tour of the Unknown on Saturday.
Women’s Prime: Katrina Wright
Singlespeed Prime: Justin Graves
MTB Prime: Jorge “Now I have to finish the race because Luke is in the trees somewhere and not here to take over for me” Ramirez

Chowderhead Fans
Gayden Rosales (riding his singlespeed MTB), Rowan Gratz (on his 8″ travel monster), Tim Davidson, Luke Ramseth (off the bike and in the trees), David Garcia (also hanging and heckling from branches) and Hauzer (one fast stick-catching mutt).

If you want to protest the race results, please send a four-page letter explaining your situation with an enclosed check for $100 to Vicky Sama and she’ll be happy to consider result revisions.

Katrina Wright wins Women's Prime

Joe Mello sprints the singletrack.

The First Clamterium

Kevin Cage tries out Justin Graves' comfy cruiser.

Vicky Sama coming through the hole shot.

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Don’t miss the first CLAMterium, 6:00 p.m. on Wed., May 12 at Clam Beach & Crannell Road. The course is a 2-mile flat, fast and fun loop. Bring your beater bike, singlespeed or rain sled. No need for aerowheels in this event. Winner gets braggin’ rights as the first Clamterium Champion and a can of clam chowder! There will be separate primes for men and women.

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