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Greetings Fellow Cyclists,

The Dyerville Loop was our final Banana Slug Series training ride of the year. With only fourteen riders, it was a smaller than usual crowd, and in fact I was expecting a larger than usual crowd because of the beautiful weather. Maybe it was just a bad weekend for people to drive out to Weott for a four to five (and almost six for some of us) hour ride. Regardless, if you didn’t join us, y’all missed out on an awesome ride.

The weather for our final Banana Slug Series training ride was spectacular. It was cool and damp at Humboldt Redwoods State Park Visitor Center when we arrived shortly after nine a.m. The ride started almost promptly at ten, and we headed north on Avenue of the Giants. The morning fog lifted as we turned right onto Dyerville Loop Road, and the temperatures rose to a comfortable level very quickly; the sun graced us with its warmth the rest of the day.

Traffic was virtually non-existent all the way to Alderpoint Road where the traffic picked up noticeably; from Garberville to Redway it was uncomfortably busy, and the stretch of 101 we rode wasn’t any more pleasant. Once back on Avenue of the Giants, the traffic calmed down to the occasional tourist, and they were all thoughtful, careful drivers.

The day wasn’t without a couple minor mishaps. At least one rider, maybe two, made a wrong turn up on the ridge, and cut the ride short. Fortunately, they didn’t choose to go in a direction that would have taken them farther out into the hills.

A huge thank you to John Dostal for officiating/timing. It’s been two years since I’ve had the opportunity to ride Dyerville Loop. I love this ride, and really appreciate it. Thanks again John!

So without further ado here are the final results of the ride:

Jess Couch 4:01

Michael Chapman 4:01

Andrea Achilli 4:08

Rick Beale 4:10

Rocky Brashear 4:24

Wally Coppini 4:58

Grant Lay 4:58

Steven Jones 5:00

Trevor Goff 5:16

Frank Demling 5:50

Tim Daniels 5:50

Chris Johnson Wrong turn?

Kevin Beirnacki Wrong turn

John Dostal Short loop/timing official

Stay tuned for RCMBA’s Harvest series rides starting in August. The schedule will be posted when it has been finalized.

See you on the roads and on the trails.



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The warm winter weather we’ve been experiencing may not be cause for celebration, but I’m okay with going out and enjoying some outdoor activities in it. We had 22 riders on the roster for out first Banana Slug winter training ride for 2014.

Here’s the list in finishing order:

Kevin Biernacki 1:43:45
Chris Johnson 1:46:03
Sky McKinley 1:51:03
Todd Flackus 1:53:11
Andrea Achilli 1:53:13
Rick Beale 1:53:14
Michael Chapman 1:57:35
Allan Hoy 1:59:10
Brandon Schmoele 1:59:12
Sean Robertson 2:05:25
Chris Schinke 2:07:40
Frank Demling 2:10:05
Grant Lay 2:10:05
Wally Coppin 2:12:36
Rik Rieder 2:13:00
Bret Rinehart 2:15:44
Trevor Goff 2:20:11
Scott Riley 2:25:10
Sandra Rosas 2:45:02
Jim Christopher 2:53:55
Jason Bryant DNF
Errin (sidewall failure) Odell DNF

Thank you everybody for coming out and supporting Bigfoot Bicycle Club.

Next Banana Slug is Saturday, February 15, 2014. We’ll be doing the ever so popular Butler Valley Loop (clockwise) starting and finishing at The Arcata Community Center parking lot.

See you all then.


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Bigfoot Bicycle Club, in cooperation with Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association, is happy to announce our Banana Slug Winter Training Ride Series.

The rides will start out relatively easy, and become to more challenging as the months pass. We decided to keep all the rides nearby this year, except the Dyerville Loop ride in April.

As usual, we will keep times for everybody on the ride roster, but for insurance purposes, you must be a club member to sign up. We will have club membership forms at the events.

The first ride is just a couple weeks away.

Picture 3

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Okay, the weather wasn’t quite summer-y; it was in fact nicer than most summer days on the north coast.

The temperature was in the high twenties, and there were patches black ice on the road as I left Blue Lake shortly after 8:00 o’clock Saturday morning. It wasn’t much warmer at the National Park Service South Operations Center parking lot when I arrived around 9:00 to find John Dostal already there waiting patiently. The sun had not yet risen above the hills, so I huddled in my van until other riders began arriving.

Eleven riders joined us for our first Banana Slug Series training ride of 2013. Though a relatively small crowd, we made up for it with enthusiasm, and a desire to ride something new and intriguing. If I’m not mistaken, John Dostal was the only one among us who had ridden up Bald Hills Road; this past summer he hauled a full touring load up and over through Weitchpec and beyond. For Jim Elam, it was his first ride ever in Humboldt County; he wasn’t prepared for how much dirt road we would encounter.

The climbing began almost immediately; it wasn’t long before we were above the thin layer that was holding massive quantities of bone chilling moisture. The sun was shining brightly, and the air temperature warmed significantly. The climb to Lady Bird Johnson Grove is a grunt; Jim Robbins mentions in his blog it occasionally exceeds 15%. From there the ride roller-coasters along the ridge for quite a few miles. In the last couple miles to the summit the grade pitches pitches significantly again, but this time it’s on dirt. By the time we reached the fire lookout the wind had kicked up out of the north, and was cooling things off again.

The descent back to sea level wasn’t without its challenges. I don’t think there was one among us who noticed how much descending we had done on the trip to the summit. I would venture a guess there is almost 1000 feet of climbing on the return. The final 2.5 miles is now one of my personal favorite paved downhill runs in the county. By the time we got back to Orick the sun was shining brightly and it had warmed up nicely.

Riders are listed in order of finishing.

3:15 Brett Rinehart

3:17 Brandon Schmoele (Bigfoot Bicycle Club’s newest board member)

3:44 Steven Pearl (errant turn on Johnson Road)

3:45 Rick Rieder (on a hardtail mountain bike)

3:46 Luke Ramseth (took the turn with Steven, fortunately, they didn’t get all the way to Klammath River before realizing their error)

3:47 Tim Daniels

4:00 Trevor Goff

4:36 Grant “a ridge too far” Lay.

DNF Jim “three flats” Elam

DNF Sky McKinley

John Dostal left the parking lot about 10 or 15 minutes after we did that morning; he caught me before I reached Lady Bird Johnson Grove. He rode with me a few more miles until we encountered Sky on his way back down. Sky told us of the errant turn at Johnson. John turned around and rode back down with Sky. Steven and Luke were rolling down the last few feet of Johnson Road as I arrived at the intersection. They had planned on descending on Lost Man Creek trail on the way back down, but scrubbed the idea after their wrong way adventure.

Jim Elam was in the front group when he got his first flat only a couple miles shy of the summit. I was bringing up the rear on the climb, and found him unable to inflate his tire. I stopped and pumped it up for him and helped him get on his way. On my way back down from the summit I found him with his second flat. Trevor had stopped to give him some patches. This time I left my pump with him and continued on. After his third flat, he continued to ride slowly on the airless tire until John Dostal drove up the hill to rescue him.

Grant missed the turn to the lookout tower. He must have been really focused on the road in front of him. He found himself up on the snow covered ridge that we could see from the lookout tower. When he rolled into the parking lot that afternoon, he was in good spirits and looking forward to the next ride.

The icing on this tasty cake? I encountered only about four motor vehicles the entire ride up and back down Bald Hills Road, every one of them being driven courteously. I’m sure all the other riders enjoyed having the road to themselves as much as I did.

Ride on!


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Greetings Fellow Cyclists,

For all Bigfoot Bicycle Club members, our first in a series of four rides, Schoolhouse Peak Lookout, will leave the National Park Service South Operations Center parking lot in Orick  Saturday, January 19, 2013, at 10:00 a.m.

The NPS South Operations Center is on the west side of 101 shortly after crossing the bridge over Redwood Creek.

We’ll have bagels, fresh fruit, and coffee. Bring your own cup or mug.<p>

We will have membership forms on hand as well, if you still need to renew your membership.

Membership forms can be found and downloaded by clicking on the “join” tab near the top of this page so you may come prepared if you please.

See you Saturday morning.



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Greetings Fellow Cyclists,

Bigfoot Bicycle Club is pleased to announce we have finalized our Banana Slug Series ride dates and venues. We tried our best to avoid conflict with local cycling events, but cannot take all local events into account. Our April ride will conflict with Sea Otter Classic, but April is one of the busiest months and that was the most likely weekend.
For more details about each event, feel free to contact me, Tim Daniels, at 707-668-1716. Notices with more detail will be posted here, sent to our google group, and posted and on our facebook page.
Without further blathering here it is:
Saturday, January 19, Schoolhouse Peak Lookout
Sunday, February 10, Butler Valley Loop
Saturday, March 9, Dyerville Loop
Saturday, April 13, Showers Pass (starting and ending at Kneeland Airport).
Picture 6

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Tish Tang

It’s almost April Fools day, that means it’s time for Tish Tang.  And I’ve been thinking.  Two hours is kind of a short ‘Slug, isn’t it?   Wouldn’t four or five be better?  Yes, it would.  So we’ll do it Marathon style.  Start in Willow Creek at 9:15, ride out to the campground, Ridge, Shale, Roller, DH, climb out up to Waterman, descend the newly logged out Boy Scout trail back to Willow Creek.  35 or 40 miles, 7,000ish feet of climbing, 5,000 plus feet of singletrack descending.  I’ve always wanted to do this, so this is as good a time as any.  BBQ or pizza at the end, so bring a few bucks. Stay tuned for the post-ride food and beverage details.

There will be a short ride, leaving Horse Linto campground at 10AM, when the long ride rolls through.

This is the only slug that truly bad weather cancels.  It’s just too remote and gets to cold out there to take chances.  Route could get modified due to snow as well.  So save the day, stay tuned for further details and pray to the deity of your choice for good weather on April 1.  I will do my best to get GPS data in the next week or so, but the “normal” route is 17 miles and 4,000 feet, so I’m pretty confident in the estimate of mileage and climbing.  This will be a ride to remember!

Take a look at this for a little taste:

Roller Trail (second half)

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